Year Two

sorry about all the spelling and grammar errors


The show in the Northest last Saturday was pretty rad. Some kids came out and rocked the afternoon away with Kids United and Select 68. Thanks to everyone who came out to the show, it was in a nicely furnished finished basement and to our amazement nothing got broken. We love to play peoples houses, especially Kitchens and Living Rooms, so feel free to contact us to play your Bedroom or something. We'll play anytime, anywhere, with anyone.


We must send out thanks to all the kids who came our to the show at Polanka Park. There was a great turn out, we'll try to play out there again very soon. Everyone should thank Tim and The Nids for putting on shows out there, especially because he uses and loses his own money which is what punk rock and D.I.Y. are both about. We'd like to encourage evryone to look into setting up their own shows in their own and starting their own bands for the creation of a scene. That's what this is all about.


We have a couple of shows coming up, check out the shows page. We have shows in Bensalem, Philadelphia, and possibly Baltimore coming up. Not to mention the fact that we're almost out of the Split CD's, so, we recomend picking one up if you haven't already because they'll soon be all gone. You can get them from us by mail or at shows... on a South St. record store... or from ... hopefully they'll be pressed again or we'll have some other records out or something.


Halloween is again upon us, it is time once more to regress to our primative emotions by dressing up silly and taking peoples candy. Yes, it sounds like a 1970's porno, but isn't that what Halloweens all about. Watching horror films, getting in trouble, listening to metal andworshiping Satan. Yes, terrorize the neighborhood, good times must be had by all. But don't forget the Ministry song, Everyday Is Halloween, ah, that's life in America.


bsbunited, probably the most important elctronic hardcore punk outfit ever to perfprm did there yearly appearance at this year's WKDU's Electronic Music Marathon in support of raising money for the Red Cross.bsbunited, for those who are uninformed is a unique network of highly skilled individuals whose inovative music hybrid is breaking new grounds in organic and electronic musical art and performance whose members are as few as the simplist form of "computer" to 20 people with hundreds of equipment. When you miss them, you miss alot. Be on the lookout for more to come.


As it stands, we have some shows coming up. First is the on the air live broadcast of the Kids at WKDU Philadlephia 91.7fm, be sure to tune in on October 25th around 7pmish. The second is November 9th in Bensalem. But more importantly, bsbunited is performing on WKDU during the Electronic Music Marathon. Please go to to find on the time and other valuable information on this years EMM which is raising money for the Red Cross.



Well, in between all the craziness, here's a review from Tric #12 "... Nancy Boy has released a three-way split CD featuring Pittsburgh's McCarthy Commission and two of Philly's better hardcore punk bands, Autotrophs and Kids United. MRR gave this a shining review, and I do as well. If you follow the PA hardcore punk scene, or want a taste, this is the perfect CD to pick up... all the songs are full battle cries..." The review is really a spotlight on Nancy Boy records, but it had that, and that's all that matters... or is it?




So, Charles decided to come back to the United States from Austrailia. Chris is back from thinking he was a Beat writer founding the new wave of indie rock. Well, Jim, don't call it a comeback, he never left. The Kids are taking some time off to write new material, eventough it only took a year for kids to learn the old songs, they now have to learn some new ones which will appear on the upcoming full length which should be out in January after the recording time in November and December.




Since we're on the subject of reviews, here's another review from The Triangle way back in May 25 2001; "Kids United's sound borrows from both punk and hardcore. Their lyrics are intelligent, their music is loud, their songs dancable, and their attitude positive." Hey, that's good enough for us.


Ok, don't worry, Charles and Metal Jim were able to obtain a copy of saidSeptember 2001 Maximum Rock N Roll, though Charles at to travel to Boston to find a copy. Here's some of what it said "...think of this CD as an aide in your struggle to keep tabs on what kids are up to. All three are solid mid 80's style punk that is speedy, catchy and no trace of metal to be found.[sorry :( Metal Jim] Kids United win for me on this one...". Good enough review for Kids United, though we do suck musically.


Rumour has it that the Three Way Split CD with us, McCarthy Commision, and The Autotrophs was reviewed in the September 2001 issue of Maximum Rock N Roll. However, the only person who knows for certain is Chris Engineer, the man who put the Cd out, told Metal Jim, Dave Brigade, and Charles about it, though when Jim and Charles searched the planet for it this weekend they regretfully were unable to find it, so e-mail Chris Engineer at and ask him what's up or find a copy and please be sure to pass the information on to us.


The is a new rule of Philly Shreds... The Low Budgets and Kids United are no longer allowed to play together. If you should catch wind of any word or information that they are going to play or thinking of playing together, it is your duty to contact the Philly Shreds Secret Police at so that it can be controled and no further devestation such the like last Wednesday at the Cat Box can take place. It would have been a great show had it not been for those knuckleheads. Kids United send out an apology to Captain Crash for all the chaos and destruction.


A big thanks go out to Jim C., Steve D., and Steve K. for setting up the great shows on Friday and Saturday respectively. Much fun was had in Grill, PA acting dumb with The Bureau Brats and Don Black. Now, those guys know how to have a good time. Although Mouthwash dropped off the Killtime show, the Fun Rama show was combined into it to make a Philly super show which was incredible... so, many kids... that is the way shows in Philly are supposed to be and it's great to see them happen again.


Question : What do you do when you have left over fireworks from the Fourth of July? Answer : You take then to the Kids United show and launch them off into the crowd to see what happens. What happens? Well, it's somewhere between genius and stupidity. Blood and fire and moshing and screaming, it was like 1950's horror film, what fun. So, Kids United is no longer allowed to bring fire works to shows. If you missed it, you missed alot. Burning basements, burning people, and buring plastic snowmen. Next time, we'll do it in your basement.


Very much to our amazement, Benji has finally quit the band. Though he has tried and been unsucessful since back when Dave Sausage was in the band, he finally has escaped us, though he claims he was kidnapped by a crazy girl. After a very long chase through Center City Philadelphia going out into the dark cornners of Lancaster, PA and ending at Zinn's Dinner, where we finally gave up the chase for good old fashioned dinner food and then alittle tour through land of Pete. So, Dave J. will take over on the drums, while Jim will move back up to guitar again, and hopefully this line up will work out for some time.


Yes, many of you know that the Fourth of July is coming up. Many of you will protest human rights violations that questions whether the United States is a third world country, while many others of you will simply light fireworks off at each other. Well, you ask what will Kids United do this July 4th? We're going to light fireworks off at each other in protest of the United States government being a third world country. We believe that this act is in the spirit and nature of the true meaning of Independance Day and our forefathers would be very proud of us if they were alive today.


Today is Charless' father's birthday. Today you shall give respect to The General. You shall observe a moment of silence then salute the heavens for his greatness transcends them. His greatness expands the cosmos and today you shall come to realize that such greatness is rare in the youth of today. Though many kids today can sing along and dance with the best of them, are they really making a difference or are they well trained monkeys. And the simple truth is The General shall remain years after the best of us has long since been forgotten.


This week brought about the reunion of the most influential post hardcore punk emo band, Moss Icon, hailing from Annapolis, MD, Charles' old stomping ground. They played two shows, one at the Charles Theater on Charles Street in Baltimore, MD and the other at the More Than Music Fest in Columbus, OH. They are the best band that every exsisted, and for all those of you who missed them or never heard of them, pick up their record, because every band that you listen to today wants to be them, but pale in comparison. It's time you learned something about greatness, and respect it.


Well, both us and James love Jackson couldn't play the show at Fun Rama with Sound of Failure and An Albatross on Thursday. We both had the mysterious disappearance of several key members of our respective bands. So, we're sorry about that. If you want to ask the members themselves what was more important than a Kids United show, you can e-mail Benji at and Chris at Feel free to add pinball or frozen dessert references, oh, and be sure to tell them that Large Marge sent you... MUHAHAHAHAHA!






Springtime, love is in the air. Benji tries to escape the women who chase, but he cannot. Much like his futile attempts to quit Kids United, it is inevitable, he belongs to us and those women some day will make an honest man out of him. If only he wouldn't quit the band so often, we wouldn't have to play as a four piece and suck horribly. If you are interested in playing for us, drop us a line, we'll meet up over some Krispy Kreme donuts, and talk shop over the finer things life has to offer us.


The show in Kutztown was really awesome. We were told it was the first show that these kids set up at the hall we played. That's so cool that so many kids came out to help support an upstarting scene. We hope they have more shows and more kids come out. Good luck. Please support Commonwealth, because we play with them alot these days and they are a damn good band. It's such a crime that the Rizzo Machine/Commonwealth split will never see the light of day. JohnPaul as the DAT and the artwork around here somewhere, can I get any offers?


So, when you have a show on April 20th, 4/20, kids seem to stay at how and smoke pot, when they should be out moshing. Just because it's 4/20 and you think you're cool and celebrating, you're also celebrating Hitler's birthday, so you are a fool and no less than an idiot. Besides, you missed Charles break Jonny's guitar in half and then the band pubically breaking up. What an experience you lost out on. But, it's ok, we all sat down to eat some yummy diner food and after realizing the error of our ways, all was right with the world.


The John Pitale Blues Band is the most incredible experience. This is something everyone must see, much like Wesley Willis, only thin, white, and with a guitar. We hope not too many kids were hurt at the show after we played. The symbols, the ground, and Charles's jeans were covered in someones blood, but we're not too sure whose it was, please step up. We'll tone down the future shows, being hurt isn't fun. But, when you play with The Low Budgets and Duckman, you have to do something to out do everyone else... right?


We just got back from playing a rad show in Jersey at Club Xs with Straight To The Point and XunderageX. We'd like to thank all the kids who came out for the show to make it so much fun. Many props go out to our new roadie John XzigaX, for driving us in his van and selling shit. He's a good kid with a kind heart. Our bassist, Chris, really needs to get over his frozen dessert complex. There is no reason to fight with someone because they call it custard then use soft serve, and maybe if you updated the webpage you could respond, but you don't... sucker. E-mail him at and try to fight him.


Today is April Fools Day... This is a day where you pick up the phone and call your Radio Shack to ask them if they have a Magnetic Bowel, a Digital Skillet, an Analog Rhombus, and Cellular Lupus. But, kids, don't forget to record the conversation so you can put it out as a record like say Longmont Potion Castle. Feel free to call your Dad and tell him that you're gay. That one always brings the family closer together with a jolly full of laughs for all. So, remeber to make the best of this unique holiday... or the jokes on you.


Rumour around town says that the legendary Philadelphia straight edge hardcore band the Broad Street Bullies (aka XbsbX) are playing this Friday the 30th of march in Birdsboro, PA. Now believe me you that this is probably the best show this year. The XbsbX haven't played a show in two years and one of the great hardcore shows ever was when they played Richmond with Born Against. They played as the floor to the club fell through... and they kept playing and the kids finished the job with the place. And quote Sam McPheeters, "Believe you me, they are the greatest band ever to ruin everything we hold dear to America."


Hey kids, we thought Kids United would come back for a brilliant re-introduction and a new attitude toward life on March 17th and give the best Kids show ever. Well, while our comrades Straight To The Point were playing the crowd went nuts and or Bass player Chris had his head split open when some kid pushed him into the Stove at the Killtime. Luckily Don and Juan, the Philly Reds, were able to get Chris to Emergency room to be stiched back up... so needless to say that we were unable to play the show, but we promise a most triumphant return.


Ladies and Gentlemen, Kids United personal Charles, shall be away for a fortnight studying three important aspects of art of positive rebellion. Along with his long time companions Paul and Shaun, he shall be meeting up with key social and political figures who personally effect today's cultural climate. Meanwhile, Charless' other long time partners in crime, Andy And Brent, have set out to thru-hike the Appalachian Mountains for the greater good of Kids United, please follow their adventure at .Charles shall be studying Tantra Yogo under the supervision of Swami Teotwawki and learning the art of Aikido under O Sensei. The relevance of this journey is to mold western and eastern philosophies... to correlate astrophysics and quantum mechanics with Zen Buddhism and martial arts in a sense. He shall give a full dissertation of his experience at the show on March 17th. What is Aikido?... "Whenever I move... that's Aikido." - O Sensei


Wow, what a weekend, three shows, three days. First and foremost, we'd like to thank all the kids who came out to the Killtime in the snow for the show on Thursday, that was incredible and of course thanks to Pat for setting up the show and letting us... we're like the Post Office... we deliver. Much thanks go out to Chris Engineer and Tim from the Nids and all the kids who came out to support us at Fun Rama and Polanka Park on Friday and Saturday respectively. And yes, if you signed up for the mailing list and we can read it, we shall tell what's going on about the recording, just don't ask Charles about it.


We'd like to thank all the kids and the bands that came out to the Peelout Pleasure Bungalow for a rad show. We had a great time. You should check out the links page to see what the other bands we play with are up too, they rule the wasteland. The Low Budgets have 2 7"'s coming out, go to , to keep up on that. Nancy Boy and Schuylkill records respectively will be putting out those releases which makes us label mates on not one but two labels... coincidence, i think not.


Ladies and Gentlemen, the strangest event happened today and we think it is imperative we inform you of this for your well being and the general state of affairs. Today, Kids United played a bar, yes it was an all ages show, we thought we'd turn up the posi level in the place, Charles even wore white like a virgin bride, but low and behold came the Black metal band Evil Divine to fight our posi, as Steve from the other band that day Trap said, a battle of the Ying and Yang. My friends, in toatality evil did not prevail, but nor did the Kids gain posi it was a balance in perfect harmony. Next time, you should bear witness.


Actually, whenever the Autotrophs record and whenever we finally turn in our music to Chris Engineer, that week that this miraclous event occurs, the CD will be sent to the plant andthe kids will have their donuts. We were going to try to have more shirts and a second shirt out this month, but because of finacial troubles will the falling stock market, internet company decline and the impending recession, we haven't been able to cough up the big bucks to get the shirts made. Hopefully next month when the tax cut is announced and the fed reduces interest rates.


Ok, we have alot of shows coming out, so, we hope you show and sing along. This time for real...the Kids United MP3 page at is up,, and our songs for the Kids United/McCarthy Commission/Autotrophs split CD are done and passing them on to Nancy Boy Records, the release should be out in a month or so. And tes we are playing a metal show, so that should be ridiculous and our bands suck factor will be turned to eleven.


We'd like to thank Tim and all the bands and kids who came out to Tim's Basement show in Bensalem and also all the bands and kids who came out to the Fun Rama show the night before. They were both rad shows, we haven't had that much fun at a show in a long time, and we've never played better. It was probably due to the addition of Dave Sausage who has proven himself an asset. But, the show wouldn't have been fun if it wasn't for the kids, it's all about the kids... we may not be the best band there is, but those were the best kids there is.


Here's the lowdown... the Pontiac Grille cancelled the show minutes before it was to start. But the kids will have their say.... the show has been moved to Tim's house in the North East this coming Saturday. We hopet o see you there. If you want to see some crazy bands, you must come to the Total Fucking Destruction, Al Roker Death Cult Wind Ensemble this friday. You won't be disappointed. Oh, and the Kids United MP3 page at is up,, It is linked off of this page somewhere, just look.


Ok, so the band member who updates this stupid website flaked for the holidays and didn't come back to the city until today. Important show news has been added. We are playing the Pontiac Grille on the 13th and on the 19th with TFD at Fun Rama. If you want to see some good bands playing their hearts out for a few people, you should come and check out these shows. It would do you some good and make your folks proud.


Ladies and Gentlemen and Kids... tonight you have to make a very importabt decision in your life. This will affect you and your life for all of your days. After studying 2001:A Space Odessey, we have come to the conclusion that this year's new year's resolution must be monumental and therefore, the Kids swear by all that was Kubrick that we shall have total PMA while playing nice with others. We about to die in the impending armageddon of positivity, salute you!


Wow, two awesome shows this weekend. Much love and much love go out to Chris Peelout and Shane form the McFlys for setting up to great shows. The first was the grand opening of the Peelout Pleasure Bungalow, which there is a video of it, check it our, it's probably the worst thing you'll ever hear. The second was a rad garage show in Jersey. Thanks to all the kids for coming out to support the bands.


Not much happening here on the homefront. We did some web stuff and since the songs have lyrics now, we're slowly putting them up here complete with silly little pictures and graphics which visually represent the songs. It's a full on attack of the senses, the sight, the sound, and the words. This is conceptual hardcore punk now kids. We were told the emo and the indie kids would eat this up. This ones for you.


We have a show on Dec. 15 at the Peelout Pleasure Bungalow (1242 S. 46th) with The Low Budgets, Rizzo Machine and Captain Crash. The recording is almost complete, the vocals were done in about four hours on friday. All we have to do is the back up's and mix it down, so hopefully sometime next week or early the following week. It's pretty funny, it's the first time we've heard ourselves play really, we sound ok.


If you did not take the time off for Thanksgiving to visit your friends and family, maybe you should. There isn't a much more positive experience in the world then thanking those whoever they are who have helped you out along the way. If it hadn't been for our friends this band won't be and we'd like to thank all of our friends and family for supporting us and lending helping hand along the way.


Well, here's the deal, so far we spent Saturday and Sunday recording, it went really well, we spent about seven hours each doing this, and that's just for the music. We are taking the week of from recording becuase of Thanksgiving, then the following week we'll resume by finishing off the vocals, which we hope won't take as long as the music, but you never know. Thanks, everyone for coming out Friday to Fun Rama for the show, that was rad.


We'd like to thank everyone who came out to the Citizen Fish on Friday, we know you all really wanted to see Rancid or Agent Orange that night, so it was kind of you to show up. We'd especially like to thank Jim and Merlin the Cat for saving the show from almost not happening and of course for being so kind as to let us play the show. And thanks for Benji for taking on the new role as Guitar player we'll we try to get things straight. Thanks.


We're planning on recording the Weekend of the Nov. 18th and 19th for the Nancy Boy Records split CD (Autotrophs/Kids United/McCarthy Commission). We might be able to complete the songs for the Smashed By Cars/Kids United split seven inch, but don't hold your breath. Thanks very much to Rich Hoak (from TFD/Brutal Truth) for being kind enough to record us. He's a good guy.


This is the One Year Anniversery for the Kids United webpage. Applause. We've archived the first year of news which is no longer quite so new. But, you know what they say "no news is bad news", or was it "no news is good news", no one here seems to able to remember which it is. Well, you know what they say "that's the way it goes". But, we'll leave you on a positive note... it goes a little bit like this... one, two, three... GO!


Looks like we've got two shows coming up to bring the kids back on track. The first, sometime in late October, will be in center city Philly, and the second will be in Reading, PA on November 3rd. Please, check the shows page to make sure you have the latest info. As soon as we know, or have information we'll post it there, because you know how shows go, sometimes it's a go and sometimes it's no go, but we always hope for the best.


Back with a finger pointing sing along, Kids United will be playing some shows in October. We'll keep you updated on the Shows section with the latest information. Now, that Charles has returned, and the band was practicing weekly while he gone, they'll hop into the studio at the end of the month. Feel free to go to the Contact section and drop us a line. We'd like to get back on are arduous touring schedule which has become our M.O.


Well, it would appear that Charles has left the country. We received a post card from him which places him in New Zealand. Apparently, he is traveling for awhile, he was in L.A. for some time until he decided that the west coast could suck it and felt he should get far away from the U.S. So, there you have. Somewhere in the far off land searching for Hobbits and battling Trolls just trying to keep New Zealand positive for the kids.


Hey, kids... Kids United is currently on hiatus. Reason being... the singer, Charles, left the City of Philadelphia, unannounced and unexpected. His current whereabouts are unknown. If anyone has any information on this missing person, please send the other band members an e-mail from the contact page. Keep looking here to find our current status. So, there are no Kids United shows until we get in contact with him. sorry :(


The last show at the House of Conflict will not be happening. The reason being that with the tremendous strain on the house and the wishy-washy nature of bands and PA's and the such... they figured it would be best to leave the house on a high note, that being the previous show they had there. Looks like there are currently no shows scheduled... but a "Back To School show is in the works, so, be on the look out for that one.