Year One

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Back with a finger pointing sing along, Kids United will be playing some shows in October. We'll keep you updated on the Shows section with the latest information. Now, that Charles has returned, and the band was practicing weekly while he gone, they'll hop into the studio at the end of the month. Feel free to go to the Contact section and drop us a line. We'd like to get back on are arduous touring schedule which has become our M.O.


Well, it would appear that Charles has left the country. We received a post card from him which places him in New Zealand. Apparently, he is traveling for awhile, he was in L.A. for some time until he decided that the west coast could suck it and felt he should get far away from the U.S. So, there you have. Somewhere in the far off land searching for Hobbits and battling Trolls just trying to keep New Zealand positive for the kids.


Hey, kids... Kids United is currently on hiatus. Reason being... the singer, Charles, left the City of Philadelphia, unannounced and unexpected. His current whereabouts are unknown. If anyone has any information on this missing person, please send the other band members an e-mail from the contact page. Keep looking here to find our current status. So, there are no Kids United shows until we get in contact with him. sorry :(


The last show at the House of Conflict will not be happening. The reason being that with the tremendous strain on the house and the wishy-washy nature of bands and PA's and the such... they figured it would be best to leave the house on a high note, that being the previous show they had there. Looks like there are currently no shows scheduled... but a "Back To School show is in the works, so, be on the look out for that one.


Well, the show in New Jersey was canceled because of some strife between the ownership. But, we'd like to say thanks anyway for being asked to play the show. Our Motto: Any Time, Any Place, with Any One. So, if you want us to play for your mom and dad or for your birthday, we'd be glad to play. In fact we'd be glad to play your bedroom, living room, in your car, for your friends,or loved ones... hell we'll play Tayna Donnelly songs and maybe some Smiths songs for the kids to fall in love too... this is the summer of love, baby.


The Kids played with the old line-up due to dual band date conflicts with Straight To The Point, and Social Scare bailed due to inner conflict, but that did not stop a chaotic show. The House of Conflict basement got destroyed between us, McCarthy Commission, and Rizzo Machine. All that needs to be said is fireworks, smoke bombs, broken equipment, puke, and a giant hole in the ceiling devastated the basement. Probably the most intense show all year. If you weren't there, then you don't know.


Let's just quickly run through the planned release schedule to avoid any further confusion. First, is the "Positive Youth Alliance" 7", then the split 7" with Smashed By Cars, and we have a track for the Philly Shreds Volume 2 comp., all with Schuylkill Records. Then, we have a planned release with Nancy Boy Records doing a three-way split with Contra and the Autotrophs. Then, after all that we are doing a second 7" with a yet to be disclosed label. Be on the lookout for them at the end of the summer.


The show at the Thunderbird Bowling Ally was incredible. We'd really like to thank the kids out their for letting us play and coming out to see us. We had a great time and would love to play North East Philly again for you kids. Also, a "shout out" to ABS for opening for us even tough quite unexpected, quite good, and quite helpful to us since we only usually play for about 15 minutes. We did top out once at over twenty because of problems, but oh well.


The Kids are proud to announce to the new line-up. Here goes... so bear with us... Jim the Drummer will be playing Guitar, Chris the Guitarist will be playing Bass, Jonny the Bassist will be playing second Guitar, while the new member playing Drums is Jesse, Guitarist from Straight to the Point and formally a Drummer from Anal Sausage. This is the line-up debuting for the August 4th show and this will be the line-up for the first 7" coming out later this summer.


Well, two shows have been scheduled. The 10th and 17th of July. The first is a graduation party and the later a bowling ally shin-dig. They will mark the last shows with the current Kids United line-up. The show on Aug. 4th will be the beginning of a new era for the kids when the new line-up debuts. It will be a crowd pleaser. Be sure to be in attendance. Look in the horizon for a Kids United/Smashed By Cars split 7" to follow the Kids United debut 7" this summer.


This weekend is the fourth of July. So, instead of bitching about slavery, Columbus, and the term "free world"... it's time for you to learn the revisionist version of this holiday. This holiday is extremely important and equally as positive. When can your ordinary average joe hit to the streets and fire guns (aside from living in the south and Los Angeles), when can you import illegal fireworks across the Mason-Dixon without being bothered? That's right the fourth of July... so, grab your most precious and let the fireworks begin. Yippie-Kaiyea!


Another change that's not too far off in the future will be this web page. The Kids page will be moving to sometime in early August. There might be some new additions to the page and even maybe a new feel err... look. This page will keep you updated when the change occurs. Also, all the Kids are moving so the contact information shall be changing. The e-mail addresses shall remain the same, while the phone and snail mail addresses are changing. Moving is fun. Change is good.


Many people have encouraged us to try to continue as a band. We'd like to thank them for caring and helping out. We are going to try to stick it out for the long haul. So, we are taking a short break from playing. We'll be back in full force in August, however, you will see a few changes which we'll be sure to keep you informed of. If it hadn't been for all the kids who came out last weekend, we would have called it quits, so, the 7" will be dedicated to you for caring about the scene and what we stand for. Stay positive!


We'd like to thank all the kids who came out to support our Reunion Tour. We'd especially like to thank Don Black and Tom Copestone for hooking us up with the shows. We'd also like to give a shout out to the Kids Helmet Crew and Scott (for dancing till he passed out and vomited on himself, now that's dedication). We wish more kids would come out to shows and support smaller local shows. Sure the Philly Shreds show was $5, but, it was worth it. I guess kids only come out to free shows and bands that are the flavor of the month.


Update: Kids United Reunion Tour... Reunited by fate against the machine the Kids have gotten back together to do two shows, on the 10th and the 11th. We know we're not I Hate You., but we want to be. Well, so far it looks like the Kids have worked out a few problems, because we're positive and we can work it out. Oddly enough, the t-shirts are in. They are $5 at shows or probably $6 or $7 through the mail. Check out the merch section to see how crappy they are. Blame, Charles he designed them.


This is an official Kids United press release. As of 05/27/00, Kids United have called it quits. After the 1 and half minute set that wrecked havoc on all who attended the show at the Killtime, Kids United arose in shambles. In a hellfire of blood and thunder Kids United broke equipment, people, and hearts. The devastating show has since become legend for all those in attendance. And for those of you who never beared witness to the incredible, infamous, and ingenious Kids United, you missed a part of history.


Finally, after some time off of playing live the Kids have some shows coming up this week and the following weeks. We know that you are all asking, "Hey, what have the Kids been doing?" Well, the truth is... we've all been learning how to play our instruments. None of us in fact know how to play. There was some vocal lessons, and such... which if the truth be known haven't helped at all. We also have we polishing up our live set. This means that most of the songs actually have words instead of "arghhh, blahgasfets, and of course hahahah."


Today is Mother's Day, and you better have called your Mother today and thanked her for giving you life and putting up with you for all these years. I called my Mother, it's the positive thing to do. And that's what the Positive Song is about. It's about calling your Mother on her special day and saying, "Mom... I've been a real bastard... I'd like to give you a High Five for being so posi all the time when you forgave me after all the really stupid stuff I've done, thanks Mom... I love you."




Listen, there is a band, they are called Negativland, they are the punkest band in the universe. They aren't really punk, but their ideology us the archetype for idealistic punk. They attack Christianity, U2, the law, and the music industry. They have been around since the late seventies and are going strong. Their platform is Fair Use, their weapon is samples of the enemy and they let they hang themselves. Go and see them perform if you can. Go to right now.


Ok, the truth is, we tried recording the Samhain song and the Belly song. We couldn't do the Samhain song to save our lives. It was the worst thing we've ever heard. The Belly song came out pretty well, I think we sounded good, but Frank said the vocals were painful to listen to. So, neither song will ever see the light of day and in fact the recordings were destroyed. But, it really doesn't matter because we did completely miss the deadline for both tributes. Oh, well... we suck.


Now, we'd like to tell you a story. Yesterday was April Fool's Day. If you didn't pull something crazy off, then here are some ideas for next year. A girl we know, a couple of years ago called her parents to tell them that she was pregnant. Now, her parents completely bought it and totally flipped out and disowned her before hanging up the phone. She called right back and yelled April Fools. It took them awhile to get over that one. Try it sometime and let us know.


It would seem that the House of Conflict enjoys putting on the same shows over and over and over. That's cool, we'd like to thank all the kids who came out and made the show so much fun. We recommend checking out some of the bands that play there frequently (other than us, silly). Bands like James Love Jackson, Trailer Park Riot, The Low Budgets, and Captain Crash are all up and coming bands that deserve some respect because they are really good.


Yesterday was a crazy show. We'd like to thank B.J. and Fire Down Below for letting us play at their house, the Robot house. We'd like to apologize for having to leave in such a hurry. My good friend Matt Pruitt was in town from Chicago and he is here to help be work on my Senior film project and we both had go to Severna Park, MD early this morning. Oh, and I hope Mike Mckee enjoyed the I Hate You. song Your Name Here which we played and dedicated to him, since he was in attendance. Kids United = finger pointing fun.


So, we thought we could pull off two shows in one night, but we couldn't. We first played Jonny's Birthday party at his house with his friends and family in attendance. I think that's all that needs to be said. We would like to apologize to Don Black for not making it to his show until after midnight and therefore not being able to play. I hope he forgives us. And we like to thank Steve D. because on Saturday he let us fill in at a metal show when one of the bands couldn't make it. So, we're not metal, but it's all about karma.


Now, let's take some time to reflect on what the Kids United is all about. We're all about Faith No More, police auctions, video games, bad Horror films, bowling, The Big Lebowski and diners. These are the things that will serve on the front of the battle for unity. It's like this, all this things even though individually we may not all enjoy them, but if the kids are united together for these things, then that equals a positive night on the town. Stay Positive!


We are preparing to have our first 7" out by the end of Spring. We'll have a record release show when it becomes available, and this web page will keep you updated as things progress further. The plan is to record enough songs for two 7"'s, then press the first and if interest and if we don't lose too much money this would dictate that we put out a second 7" hopefully by the end of the summer. That would be probably all the releases for the year 2000, so, we can then work on our first Lp.


There are two things I'd like to talk about, the first, is the show on Feb. 11. If you weren't there, you missed one hell of a show. We might have got some pictures of it, so you can see what you missed. I'll put up some quotes from the Philly Shreds list next week. The second thing is Valentine's Day. This is a very positive day. This is a day, as I said at the show, where you do buy things for people, rather you give things to people, like instead of roses, sing them The Positive Song, and instead of a card, give them a Hi-Five!


Here's something pretty cool. Another tribute album for the Kids to be on. The Tanya Donelly tribute album. We might be on it with the Belly song Dusted, but because we are so musically different then the other acts, they want to make sure we are doing it in tribute and not killing the song, so we shall see. Visit for the latest on the tribute. Looks like we will be recording in late Feb. and early March. We should have the songs for the tributes and our record complete by the end of March. So, keep in touch.


O.k., so my father is the most positive man in the world, he took my older sister jumping out of a plane; that's right, my father, The General, as he is know, went skydiving. Now, I know your saying, what does this have to do with the kids. Well, he didn't take the kids and the kids want to go skydiving. Now, rumor has it, if the kids go on tour, this summer, The General, because the kids won't be in school trying to be educated, will take the kids skydiving. Now, that's positive.


The Kids might be on the forthcoming Samhain Tribute album. This is not for sure, though. We will submit a song or two, so if they decide that they can't handle us, we would then be turned down. With all the tribute albums, why another one? Well, I'll tell you, it's just an excuse for the Kids to play Samhain's All Hell and Unbridled. So, we plan on recording shortly and we'll let you know whether we're on it or not. Visit to see the latest information of the tribute.


Hey, the show in Pittsburgh, PA was amazing. We would very much like to thank Dave for letting us play the show in Pittsburgh and we would like to especially thank all the kids who came out to show. All the bands were really good, and the kids give good support to their local bands, which is great to see. It's been our best show so far, and it was one of the most fun shows I've been to in several years. I really think Pittsburgh's got a really great scene going on there. We would love to play there again, and we spread the word to other Philly bands that they have to play there too.


All that really needs to be said is why are there such things as top secret shows? So, the story goes, a party broke out on a friday night, and someone decided that Fire Down Below was going to play on Saturday the next day at the House of Conflict, but it invitation only by word of mouth. What? So, Chris says, well hey, Kids United is going to play then also. Then on Saturday a show broke out. It was pretty crazy. There were a lot of people there considering it was announced the day before and was only word of mouth. Go figure.


Well, while I was in my y2k bunker in the Appalachian Mountains with my cans of beans and my shotgun, the rest of the band was hard at work getting the band shows. So, the first show of the new year will be in Pittsburgh, PA. Check the shows page for all the updates. Unfortunately, since my paranoia had me in the wilderness, we have not been able to practice as a band, but I was told we have a couple of new songs for the new year.


Yes, it's the day after Christmas and if you've been positive this year, you know who you are, then Santa Claus brought you some awesome gifts. So, let's have three cheers for Santa. All you naughty kids, we hope you learned your lesson. Well, in the mean time, a Happy New Year, out to all; I'll be hiding out away from the y2k chaos, so we shall see. I want to see some riots and fires. Think we can manage that kids?


The Kids United would like to send out a Seasons Greetings to all our comrades. This is the time of the year to have fun. Things like snow, snow balls, and snow ball fights make the world go round. This holiday season the Kids wish you all happy holidays, but play it safe, don't put ice in your snow balls, slush balls are only mean bullies, and don't drink the spiked eggnog with your Aunts near the mistle toe.


So, the page hasn't been updated recently. Unfortunately my computer's power supply got fried and it was in the shop for awhile. This is the deal. Jonny Sorber is now the official bass player after his spontaneous performance. The show on the 2nd was awesome. All that needs to be said is, when the guitarist and bassets fling them around a small basement room and the singer gets thrown and body slammed then the show is incredible. If you weren't there you missed a spectacle. Anyone who was there will attest to that. But all the bands were really good and it was a lot of fun. Next time you should come.


O.k., listen up kids, now Thanksgiving Day is upon us and instead of being your whiny punk rock self's and not celebrate this day because it represents mass genocide, Kids United say you should go home to call up an old friend and say, "Hey old friend who hasn't quite sold out yet, but are looking into the stock options and the health care plan, why don't we just play a game of golf." That's right kids, golf is positive. Play golf, stay positive.


The December 2nd show has added two more bands; Ivy Labs and Dysrhythmia. We were told that Ivy Labs gave up a show at the Pontiac Grill on South Street to play a basement show at the House of Conflict in West Philly. Now that's punk. And if you didn't know we are looking for shows to play, so if you can get us a show, then, if your in a band, we might get you a show.


It looks like after mouths of searching for a permanent bass player, we may have just found one. One, Jonny Sorber, is going to practice with us tomorrow, and if he didn't lie to us when he said he could play, then he'll probably be in. We'd hate to tell him he sucks and throw him out of our house. Like how hard is it to play bass anyway, right? It should be interesting, so keep your fingers crossed.


Well, unfortunately, we have to report that the December 2nd show will not have Rizzo Machine or the Broad Street Bullies performing. One of the problems with incestuous bands is that if one can't play than the other most likely can't play. You can all thank Dave Sausage for this sad turn of events. He won't play that night because the Bouncing Souls are playing and God forbid he miss a show. You can call him at 215-try-cry1 and tell him that he sucks. Both bands will be playing together shortly, so we'll try to keep you updated on that.


Since we haven't yet found a bass player, we are currently planning to borrow Ed Walker, the bass player for Violent Society (and one of my stupid roommates) until such time as a new prospect kicks us in the face. We would like to publicly thank him for giving us some of his valuable time, because after all, when you are in a popular band, have a job, have a girlfriend, and are a full-time student, you don't really have any time to spare; right Ed?


On October 23rd the film Cold Hearts will be playing at the Atlantic City film festival. If you want to see Chris Peelout from the Town Managers and myself being stupid, you such definently see this film. And besides it has enough Philly references and inside jokes that it'll make the whole family feel Hollywood. Check out the Cold Hearts web site for further updates here .


Hello, the Kids United official web site is up. Feel free to take a look and send us your comments. The only information worth noting is that our original bass player Jason has decided to go to a different college this year outside of Philly, so the band is minus a bass player who can practice and play regularly. He plans on starting a new band at his college and we want to wish him the best of luck. That means we are looking for a bass player, interested, contact us.