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26 August 2006

Kids United band practice? Does that mean reunion? That's right, this weekend, Kids United has band practice. Many people have asked does that mean a reunion show? Well, to be honest, the answer is maybe. Kids United have played their last show. Ever. And they have played their ONLY reunion show. So why practice? It does beg the question, does it not? Our friends, all shall be revealed. All shall be revealed.

19 August 2006

Does anyone have Kids United photos or video? If you do, please contact us through myspace or this website. We are currently getting our discography prepared and anything you have would help. Thanks.

30 October 2005

THIS SATURDAY! The Kids United reunion, 5 November 2005, the 400th Anniversary of Guy Fawkes Day show will rock it like it's 1999. You MUST be there. This is the last time Kids United shall EVER play. However, due to future imperfect events, Jonny Balls shall not be performing at the reunion. The remaining members of Kids United wish the best for him in his future endeavers. We are very proud to announce Dave Sausage, the legendary member of The Boils and The Rites shall be performing with Kids United. You may now call us Ultimate Kids United. This show is not to be missed. Kids United have spoken.

8 September 2005

The Kids United reunion show has been pushed back one week to 5 November 2005, the 400th Anniversary of Guy Fawkes Day. Since Kids United had planned on the whole Halloween show, our costumes and our gimmick have to be changed. So what's the change, a Guy Fawkes effigy for the show. This show is not to be missed. If you haven't seen Kids United, this is the show to see, and for those of you who have, you'll never see a show like this one again. Oh, and we had band pratice over labor day weekend. It rocked much like the Back in Black LP.

7 August 2005

Kids United has officiallly converted to the above date structure. Kids United also uses time in the 24 hour mode. So should you. But, that is not what this update is about. This update is to announce an official Kids United show. That's right, no internet hype here. Kids United is on the Halloween Show at the The Pleasure Bungalo. If you want to see Kids United at heights greater than the legendary shows at Fun Rama, this is the show to come out and see. However, I was informed that costumes were mandatory. Can you dig it? Well, we hope to have our official reunion show before Halloween in September, but if it doen't happen, Halloween is definitely going on with Kids United.

23 July 2005

Shows? Yes. Soon? Yes. I'm not sure if you remember any of our shows, well, we weren't a very good live band, so to remedy this, we have been practicing extra hard. This time round you'll see the Kids United you remember, but of more importantance, man, we're really learning how to play for this shows. This time we're not like, "well, someone's going to jump into the drums" or "noone comes to hear the band, they come to make it hell to play". So, we've wrtten new songs and we've learned to play the old songs better. Oh, and we should have a cd of all our recordings for the show. That's more Kids United than you can shake a stick at.

23 May 2005

There was indeed a practice on Sunday. Word on the street says it rocked harder than Jesus on meth at the Ministry show in D.C. back in 1993. However, the singer, Charles wouldn't know. Leaving a cryptic voice mail message which stated, "Gents, I am needed elsewhere. The cause, which has brought us back together, demands my attention in Northampton, U.K. or possibly Utah. It's too early to tell." Apparently he's cooler than Dave Chappelle and disappeared into Middle American leaving wide speculation that he has in fact found the legendary Golden Plates now wondering the Utah desert claiming to be the messiah. Messiah or not recent comments he made to Neil Gaiman earlier today in regards to the Alan Moore fiasco suggest his return to Kids United is imminent. Mr. Gaiman, of course, refused to comment leaving the rumours to further propagate. Meanwhile back at the KU camp, Mr. Roman has set up a site at where old Kids United songs could be heard, Here folks, here.

16 May 2005

There was a time when we were friends, had a band and played together. Things change. People change. Two members of Kids United started others bands with other friends and played other shows. Two other members of Kids United moved to California, learned to surf, and left the past far behind them. And one member disappeared. As fate would have it bands break up, people move back to Philadelphia, and what was lost is found. Although we knew we wanted to play together, we weren't sure if we should be Kids United. Are we still Kids United? Are we still that band? They say "let sleeping dogs lie", so why not play as a different band, write different songs, move on and leave the past behind. But, the world hasn't changed. The world NEEDS Kids United. We did not choose Kids United, Kids United chose us. This Sunday, 22/05/05, Kids United, with the original members, play together as a band, not because we want to, but because we have to. Kids United has returned. KIDS UNITED SHALL PREVAIL.

5 May 2005

Kids United return!

Due to recent global political agendas, Kids United has been forced to enter the world forum once more. Throughout their existence Kids United has been revered and feared by its' contemporaries and critics. The voice of the people known as Kids United must address the current socio-political trend. Despite much social upheaval in the years that Kids United was engaged in global social, political, and economic affairs, the movement, which was once described as "the last bastion of hope", has once again become relevant. It is time for a new order, a new movement, and a new voice to champion the ideas of freedom in the public arena. You, who were once part of this legend, must join Kids United in the universal struggle of mankind. "Remember, no matter where you go, there you are."

Kids United have spoken.

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