So, you want to hear the illict sounds of Kids United?

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Then, come see them live... June 2005.

Kids United/Autotrophs/McCarthy Commission split CD (on Nancy Boy Records)

Currently Out Of Print

Kids United fully endorses bootlegging. If you have a recording device which you have so kindly chosen to use during a Kids United show, please feel free to contact us, and get us a copy, so that, if they are say, for example, mp3's, then we can post them on our site so others may get them also, but, of course and equally as important so that the band may listen to them. We shall, once we record, post our music on this site somewhere, which of course, shall be free. In fact, everything we record or you the bootlegger records shall be posted here for your convenience. We have no delusions about ever making money. We have fun and we want you to have fun. In return, we only ask if you chose to record us, to make copies free for all who may want them.

Kids United have spoken.