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Kids United: (the birth)

Most historians agree, that the origins of Kids United can best be traced back to the years 1995-96. It was at this time that Charles and Chris, although one in Baltimore, and one in Pittsburgh, began to see their future unfold before them.

Being alone on another Saturday night, Charles had ducked into his room to avoid his parents and their love of 'The Commish'. He was listening to 7 Seconds and Gorilla Biscuits, and dreaming about all the glamour that came with being in a hardcore edge band: the money, the comraderie of having a crew, the fast cars and faster girls, the free swatches, it was then that he vowed to himself that he too would be a hardcore superstar (much like Ron Jeremy) and that he would move to Philly to do it.

Around the same time, Chris found himself endlessly thinking of the two things most teenage boys lust after, frozen custard and ska. Being the most popular kid in his advanced algebra II class his ego soared, and he thought that, using the power of mathematics, one day he could bring his two passions together in a glorious union. Seeing a blossoming ska scene in Pittsburghís brother to the PA's east, Chris headed toward the coast.

When Charles arrived in Philly, he saw that the time of his hardcore glory had not yet arrived. He instead became a DJ at WKDU and spent his free time working on such projects as 23rd Chromosome, and The Broad Street Bullies. After a few years of living in the city, he was asked to sing backup for some Rizzo Machine cuts, his first big break had landed.

In the fall of 98, Chris ventured through the Philly city limits, and moved into the Calhoun dormitory on the campus of scenic Drexel University. Wanting to dive head first into the ska pool, he also went to enlist at WKDU, the skankinest station in Philly. Chris did his training and got a show playing the beat in all of its waves and styles. Sadly, he quickly found out that ska was fading in this fair city.

In the hallways of WKDU, Chris and Charles first met. In an incident whose exact details have been blocked by all who witnessed, the two realized that they both shared a love of public nudity. Having this bond, they also revealed their dreams to each other: Chris and his ska, Charles and his hardcore.

Now all they needed was talent, common ground and some kids who owned equipment. As luck would have it, all this and more laid just down Chris' hallway at sweet home Calhoun. One night, as Chris was feverishly doing math problems, he heard a commotion from down the hall. "Oh my!!" "The nail in the coffin" "Booyah" and "SSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" echoed through the dorm. Having been disturbed from his one true love, Chris went to investigate.

Stepping over a pile of puke, and cleverly avoiding his RA, Chris made it to the other end. When he peered through the open door, he saw two kids he had met only a few times before. To his left sat a Jason, a kid known for his large smile and endless positivity. To his right rockin Jim, known for his ability to rock 25 hours a day. Between them sat a TV on which the two were playing a heated game of tecmo bowl, and upon further inspection Chris found that the TV was a dividing line between Jason's positivity and Jim's negativity, the two polarities on which good bands thrived.

A few months down the line our four heroes first met to practice. Using mostly borrowed equipment, they quickly found that they had no common ground. Chris was still very into ska, Jason was into hard rocking punk, and Charles was now into emotive hardcore, whatever the hell that means. Jim was into metal, his only saving grace being that he claimed to own a drum set, which was more than most kids in the city could say.

After the first few failed attempts at being creative, these kids found, being nailed to the X as they were, that a sound rooted in old school hardcore and new school country was one thing they could agree on. The hunt for a name was the next obstacle.

It was at this point that Charles' original plan from his days as a youth in Baltimore came to be. Chris had already found that Philly was in no respect a city for upbeat music, as hostile as it is, and that the ska scene was fading fast into one of emo/indie rock. It seemed the rude boys had all grown up and become fond for girls. Jason was content with just rockin, and no one had told Jim that he wasn't about to be in the next North American Sepultura.

Names where passed around and the final contenders where: Kids with Journals, The Black Circle Boys, Dokken, Bounded Youth, Straight Hate, Guys for God, 12XU, On the Attack, Positive X, xschuykillx, and Kids United. Dokken was taken, Guys for God was too Christian, and Bounded Youth sounded like a leather and chains industrial metal band, therefore KIDS UNITED was the name, and positive hardcore became the music.

The line up for KIDS UNITED (BETA) was:





History of the Kids Line-Up